Too this too that

It’s nothing new for young people to feel uncertain and even depressed about themselves – but in a judgemental society with exposure through social media it’s even harder to accept and value yourself.

Too this, too that,
too thin, too fat.
Too tall, too slight –
too anything you like.
Should be this, should be that,
look at yourself – too big, too flat?
Skin too light, skin too dark,
eyes too close, too far apart –
and worst of all
eyes too small.
Mouth too large, lips too thin,
uneven teeth, spotty chin,
hair too frizzy, hair too long,
voice too squeaky, voice too strong.
Your nose too hooked, your nose too straight,
too large, too tiny, a shape you hate.
Ears like flaps sticking out of your head,
ears too droopy, ears too red.
Knowing too much, knowing too little,
being too soft, being too brittle,
Too noisy, too quiet, too shy, too brash.
Too clever, too stupid, much too detached.
Too silly, too dull, too this, too that,
too anything you like –
never quite right!