Lockdown – Spring

So much the same

and so much changed

in this strange time.


Things I’ve been meaning to

do to read to watch to make to write

I can do them now.

I could and I should.


Daylight lengthens, clouds clear, leaves unfold.


Look at my phone!

Day after day the exhortations –

follow this download that

keep going

exercising crafting cooking

don’t worry

keep connected

you’ll get through it

get more data

carry on.


Swallows and cuckoos and curlews have come.


So much the same

the never-ending shoulds and musts

and keep on keep on keep aspiring

never-ending hoping failing

keep on keep on keep on trying

do this be this achieve that.


Lambs race and play and jump.


Girding itself

in cold and dark

the tree hangs back

keeps still holds on for warmer days

and the flowing sap.


Girding myself – yes

staying still

hanging back while the days are dark

holding on for the burgeoning time

for the flowing sap

for the flowing mind –

can I do that?