The pieces in this category are about lessons I’ve learned from living my life – they aren’t about factual information, data or expertise. My learning has come from difficult experiences, but it’s come from all kinds of happiness too. We stress too much, we expect too much – sometimes we forget to enjoy what we’ve already got. As I age, I seem to know less and less and have more and more to learn – but with the years has come gratitude and, if not wisdom, the grace and humour of acceptance.

My recent writings

Lockdown – Spring

I had good company, beautiful surroundings, acres of space and fresh air, sheep, ducks, geese and wildlife, during the lockdown. But what would I do? How would I fill my time?

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Sometimes I wish

It was hard to write these truths – I felt guilty, embarrassed. Of course I could write appreciative, positive truths about these relationships, and that would be easy.

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