What’s left?

What’s left when you have gone?

  • The smell of garlic on the knife
  • a smear of sauce
  • a chopping board
  • two plates
  • a purple bruise
  • some words you said
  • an empty parking place
  • cigarette ends bottles till receipts
  • papers you were reading while I dozed
  • splashes of candle wax
  • a t-shirt cast aside
  • a taste a touch
  • a memory in my skin

What did the day bequeath?

  • Sun patterning leaves
  • the open-top car the breeze
  • face stung by speed
  • shadows in clefts of rock
  • pools of light
  • Gordale Scar and Janet’s Foss
  • running in evening heat
  • cold wine fresh fish
  • and songs and kisses

Netted inside my mind like dreams

  • Plates and glasses put away
  • bottles binned
  • t-shirt cleaned
  • a yellowed bruise
  • the fading scent of you –
  • what’s left when you have gone?

Hopes to help me live the days.